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Oil and filter change

Gepubliceerd op 25 maart 2021 door leonardo.

On January 27, 2021 I did an oil and filter change at the Amstelveen headquarters. After a month my car loses oil underneath (a car with 42,000 km), the ANWB company comes to my door and checks it, says that there is liquid (water) in the oil, that I need to go to PEUGEOT, of which I already I was a client but I had decided to try KWIK-FIT, to my surprise they confirm that there is water in the oil but that it is very rare because there is no problem of fluid leakage into the engine. For two companies like ANWB and PEUGEOT to agree that the same thing happened and it was strange that happened, it is because something was done wrong. Lucky that the engine did not break.

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Nee, They did NOT take the case seriously