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Fraud! Bad customer service, be carefull

Gepubliceerd op 25 februari 2014 door bazman.

This is one for the history books.

I booked a flight online(trough skyscanner) and payed with credit card, the payment was succeded. I never got a confirmation on my email, only on the website. The full amount was booked from my Credit Card. When contacting the customer service by phone I had the spell my name over and over again, they speak very very bad English. They did not found my name en email details in their system, and where very rude. I had to send an email to their client support. After an unsatisfying reply I tried calling their alternative number, you have to pay 6 euros in advance per 15 min!?! In all the contact I had with their support, they were not able to provide me any information about my booking and payment. They could not find my personal booking information in their administration. I did never received any confirmation of my flight.

What's absolutely stunning is the fact that Bravofly sents a txt message a couple of hours before the flight, with the so called booking (PNR) Number.

Conclusion, I got no valid response, no booking and lost my money, great job Bravofly. Companies like this deserve to go bankrupt! It's a bloody same.

My advise, don't do any business with this fraudulent "middle man". Book directly.

  • Fraud! Bad customer service, be carefull
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