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Too many flight changes and incredible bad service

Gepubliceerd op 25 augustus 2014 door Frits.

I booked a flight from Zanzibar to Dubai via Nairobi. The flight was changed numerous times. After 3 times, they moved the flight 1 day further, which was unacceptable due to the duration of my visa. When I tried to change the flight back to the original date via their 'customer service' they booked again the flight on the wrong date, even after I had explicitly mention to book it on the original date.
After calling again (and got charged again) they mentioned that they were not able to book the original flight since it was not available anymore. In the meantime I was trying to book the original flight via another organization in order to check if the flight was still available and it was still possible to book that flight.
After confronting them with that they kept saying that the flight was not available anymore.
Now I cancelled that booking at Bravofly and booked via the other organization.
Lesson learned: NEVER book via bravofly again.

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Reactie Bravofly:
Dear Frits,

We are very sorry to read your comments and as stated we have been verifying your case and have confirmed that the flights were cancelled by the airline. Unfortunately if these flights were made available by another company it is out of our hands. We have now been able to confirm a full refund by the airline for these flights and will be in touch with you by email or telephone to confirm this.

Kind regards, Sofia