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My worst experience with a travel agency ever!

Gepubliceerd op 29 oktober 2022 door Jamie.

My flight which I booked in early Sept. 2022 is canceled TWO WEEKS ago. I have contacted their customer service 5x and have rebooked my flight 2x since then, and still, I have NO tickets, and no confirmation regarding my new flight - which is supposed to be on Nov 9, 2022, it is now Oct. 28, 2022. The first time I called - directly after receiving an email that my flight was canceled, they made a mistake (flights didn't connect) and did not even bother to contact me and update me regarding the situation. I already have taken FIVE MONTHS' leave from work (unpaid), to spend the last few months my best friend has left on this planet! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, and I WILL NEVER book here again. I would advise everyone to spend a bit more and book their flight somewhere else, rather than dealing with this SO-CALLED company!

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